The EWS 6100 is an optimally designed workplace for stitching trousers and skirt waistbands in shadow seam. The liberal procedure below the sewing base enables easy display of the sewing part.

The puller transport synchronised to the sewing speed stretches the sewing part and ensures a good seam quality. The pulling speed of the puller can be controlled smoothly and continuously and thus, it can be adjusted to any sewing material. The puller is lifted during by back tacking at the beginning and end of the seam. The number of back tacking stitches can be set on the control panel.


  • Simple operation
  • Quick learning process
  • Up to 600 trousers in 8 hours (depending on the seam length)

The EWS 6100 is impressive with its easy operator navigation. With few settings, the machine can be set up for high production yield.

Sewing procedure:

The sewing part is placed on the spring-loaded stop. The puller transport brings the waist in place. The sewing part can be sewn quickly over the rounded table guide. Back tacking can be switched on by pressing button, or automatically integrated in seam programm. The sewing operation is completed by cutting the thread automatically.

Work ergonomics:

The system can be operated as a workstation either in standing or sitting position. The height of the table can be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

Matthias Heyn

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