The BASS 5100 is a sewing machine for processing straight and curved (side) seam pockets.

The use of the BASS 5100 ensures enormous savings in time with respect to productivity by the completely overlapping working method as well as consistent sewing results with various materials.

It is possible to sew pockets in the side seam, curved and straight shapes with the BASS 5100. Depending on the shape of the pocket opening, the sewing is done optionally with one or two notch cutters.


  • Quick learning process
  • Simple operation
  • Freely programmable
  • Back tacking or adjustable stitch condensation possible
  • Display of the machine functions as graphical icons
  • Customised programming of stitch length
  • Automatic seam length sensing by photocell
  • Simple adjustment of seam width
Program pre-selection:

The programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

The bundle with the trouser parts is placed in the bundle clamp (optional). Then, the front of the trouser is positioned at the edge stop, the vacuum is activated and the pre-finished pocket pouch is placed over the trouser part. After initiating the sewing operation, depending on the shape of the pocket, one or two notch cutters are switched on and the sewing part is brought below the needle with the transport clamp. The operator can prepare the next sewing part just after the sewing part has been taken by the transport device and thus work in an overlapping and efficient manner.

Automatic sewing process:

The sewing parts are taken from the transport clamp and moved to the needle. Then sewing starts. After completion of the sewing operation, the sewn part is blown off.

Work ergonomics:

The system can be operated as a workstation either in standing or sitting position. The height of the table can be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

Matthias Heyn

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