Darts and pleats appear to be simple seams at first sight, but they have a great impact on the fitting shape of trousers, skirts and blouses as well as on the location of the piped pocket on the rear side of trousers. One basic problem with these seams is that the sewing part is placed over a blade. In doing so, the sensitive materials (stretch, among others) are stretched and drawn. This has an unfavourable impact on the sewing result. In order to counter this problem, we have developed the automatic short seamer BASS 5950.

The use of the BASS 5950 ensures an enormous gain in productivity and seam quality, and overlapping working method as well as consistent sewing results with different materials.


  • Prompt positioning and fixing of the sewing material on the pre laying station with the help of a vacuum
  • Three programmable marking lights for exact and clear positioning of the sewing part on the pre laying station
  • Accurate stitching with stitch condensation over the dart tip (no cone formation)
  • Overlapping working method / 4-5 seams per minute, without tack seam
  • Simple operation, and as a result, quick learning process
  • There are almost no limits for the shape of the darts thanks to the X-Y controller
  • All types of stitches can be processed without changing over the machine and merely by changing the program
  • Easiest creation and administration of the stitching programs on the PC with machine-specific operator software
  • Micro-processor controller with integrated USB slot and a memory capacity of 60 stitches
  • Consistently good quality even with difficult materials
Program pre-selection:

The pre-programmed seam is selected on the control panel.

Manual working steps:

Three marking lights ensure accurate positioning of the sewing part on the pre laying station.

Automatic sewing process:

The pre laying station with the sewing part positioned and fixed by vacuum moves to the transfer station. This accepts the sewing part and moves to the programmed dart depth (controlled stepper motor, programmable in 0.1 mm steps). Now the clamp accepts the sewing part (X-axis) and feeds it to the sewing head (Y-axis).

Automatic sewing of the programmed darting machine:

At the end of the seam, the clamp brings the sewing part to the stacking position where the de-stacking operation takes place. During the stitching, the next sewing part can be positioned on the pre laying table. This moves in after reaching a specific clamping position. This provides completely overlapped working method.

Work ergonomics:

The system must be operated as a work­station in standing position. The height of the table can be adjusted to the body height of the operator.

Matthias Heyn

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